Product Design

While your invention may meet your unique needs, selling a product designed for one individual to the general public can severely limit your options. Almost every product on the market uses an industrial designer to refine product concepts, define consumer needs, improve market value and add visual appeal. Ensure your invention has reached its utmost potential by using Design My Idea's designers.

Our Invention Development Process uses four key values to accomplish your goals of effective product design:

  • Ergonomics - Your invention design must work with your consumers and their wide range of physical characteristics. Ever had a product that didn't quite "feel" right? Bad texture? Poor grip? Our designers create value in our clients' inventions with the goal of creating a "natural" feeling to fit a wide range of human characteristics.
  • Usability - All inventors have a clear understanding of how their invention works but a well designed product will be easily understood by everyone. Ensuring your product is intuitive requires the designer to put themselves in the place of the average consumer to account for any potential problems. This ability may lead to new variations or even new concepts that improve the invention's user experience and increases product value.
  • Practicality - Design without understanding the production process can lead to complications or unnecessary expenditures. Our designers are familar with common production processes, materials and technologies to ensure what is designed, is producible.
  • Aesthetic Appeal - The most ergonomic, functional and usable product may have a hard time reaching its full market potential without the correct eye-candy or aesthetic appeal. Appearances are important for your invention and Design My Idea is unparalleled in creating the right look for your consumers and your idea.